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What the Latest Stats Tell Us About Direct Cremation Trends

New data on disposition in the U.S. has revealed interesting trends in direct cremation. Learn how the use of direct cremation is changing.
What the Latest Stats Tell Us About Direct Cremation Trends
New Data Shows Surprising Direct Cremation Trends

The cremation rate has steadily increased in the U.S., but the real question is what type of cremation services are being used? There are actually different types of cremation, and they aren’t equally popular among consumers today. Keep reading to learn what type of cremation is most common and what factors are playing a role in the selection.

Direct Cremation is More Popular Than Other Cremation Services

Every year the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) does in-depth analysis of funeral home services across the country. One of the biggest takeaways in the 2021 and 2022 disposition data is that direct cremation is now the most popular type of cremation service. 

The NFDA breaks cremations down into three types:

  • Cremations with funeral services (traditional cremation)
  • Cremations with a memorial post-cremation
  • Direct cremations with no services

At one time, cremations with funeral services was the norm, but that has changed in recent years. The latest data shows:

  • 41% of people choose direct cremation
  • 35% choose cremation with a memorial service 
  • 24% choose cremation with funeral home service

The trend toward direct cremation is clear and expected to continue in coming years. However, one thing that isn’t specified is what type of direct cremation is being used. Today, many states allow for flame cremation and water cremation, both of which can include funeral home services, a memorial or no services at all. 

Why Direct Cremations Are Becoming More Common

So why is direct cremation becoming more common? There are a number of reasons for the shift toward direct cremations. The key reasons that have been identified are:

Cost – The cost of funeral services is a major factor in the type of disposition that’s chosen. A traditional cremation with funeral home services is almost as expensive as traditional burial (without factoring in the cost of the burial plot and cemetery fees). The NFDA found that in 2021 a cremation with funeral home services cost $6,971 on average. Traditional burial services were $7,848 on average. In contrast, direct cremation typically costs $1,100 give or take a few hundred dollars.

Practicality – More people are leaning away from letting factors like religious practices, social norms and the emotional response to the loss influence their choice of funeral services. So much so, an increasing number of people are pre-arranging their own funeral services and opting for direct cremation to remove the burden of those factors and make it easier on their surviving family members. 

Families Are More Spread Out – Another factor that is increasing the direct cremation rate is where people live. Over the last few decades families have become more spread out, living in locations far from each other. This makes it difficult to arrange traditional burial and cremation with services at a funeral home, and as a result more people are choosing direct cremation.  

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