Direct Cremate

5 Little Known Facts About Direct Cremation

There are a lot of things about direct cremation that people are largely unaware of until they’re in the middle of the process. We want to make sure you are fully prepared, which is why we’re sharing some of the little known facts about direct cremation.
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Cremation didn’t become the norm in America until a few years ago, but more people are likely to opt for cremation of all kinds in the near future. If you’re one of the people who are considering direct cremation for yourself or a loved one then you probably already know the basic facts. 

For instance, unlike traditional cremations, there are no pre-funeral services when you select direct cremation. You are also probably aware that direct cremation is one of the most affordable end of life services available.

The Majority of Cremations Are Direct Cremations

The latest statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association’s 2021 Cremation & Burial Report has the cremation rate at its highest level yet. In 2021, the cremation rate is projected to be 57.7%. In some states the cremation rate is closer to 65%.

Funeral homes that offer cremation have stated that up to 80% of the services they perform are direct cremations. Given that the cremation rate is expected to increase to 78.7% by 2040 there are sure to be many more direct cremations in the coming years.

It’s a Quick Process

In less than a week a direct cremation can be completed from start to finish. However, as with any cremation or burial, the timeline is going to hinge on how quickly the death registration is completed. And no cremation can be done for 24-48 hours depending on some state laws. The Cremation Authorization Form and cremation permit also have to be submitted. Typically, the family can expect the remains to be ready within 5-10 days. 

Direct Cremation Can Be Arranged Online or Over the Phone

Many families are very surprised to find that they don’t need to make a special trip to the funeral home to arrange direct cremation. The process is so simple you can make arrangements on the phone or even online. There’s no need to work with a funeral director if you don’t want to. Direct cremation allows you to work with the crematorium directly. 

No Embalming is Done

Because there will be no funeral services, direct cremation involves no embalming. This doesn’t just save you hundreds of dollars.The fact that no embalming is done means direct cremation is more eco-friendly than other end of life services. 

Only One Body is Cremated at a Time

Many families worry that choosing direct cremation means that their loved one will be cremated with others. That’s never the case with direct cremation. The retort where the body is placed to be cremated is only big enough for one body at a time. But it’s so hot, it only takes 2-3 hours for the cremation to be completed.

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