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Tech Innovations in the Cremation Industry

Innovation is changing the funeral industry in many ways. Learn how the latest advancements are improving the cremation process all around.
How Tech Innovations Are Changing Cremation
How Tech Innovations Are Changing Cremation

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a look at the latest technological innovations that are shaping our modern day cremation industry. For many years funeral services remained largely unchanged, but now technology is changing the way funeral services are arranged, the efficiency of cremation, how families mourn and much more. 

Below are some of the top tech trends in the funeral industry that we’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming year. 

Software Platforms for Delivering Services

Funeral directors are often business owners that have a lot of administrative tasks and management responsibilities. These things can take focus away from working with the family, so it’s highly beneficial to leverage technology to lighten the workload. 

They also allow funeral directors to arrange services remotely, which is a big benefit for anyone making arrangements. Platforms give clients a way to DIY deathcare services and securely share documents that are needed to have a cremation. Today’s software platforms are even leveraging AI technology to do even more automatically. 

Online Memorial Services

During the Covid-19 pandemic in-person funerals all but disappeared. But families still wanted to be able to mourn their loss with others who knew the deceased. Not surprisingly, online memorials became the norm. Online memorial services bring loved ones together even when they are oceans apart.  connect with each other

Now that the pandemic has passed, online memorial services are still popular. Today many families are spread out across the country, and having an online memorial post cremation, in addition to any other funeral services, is one more way people can connect no matter where they are. Another advantage is that the memorial can essentially live on forever when you do it online.

Virtual Reality Tours

Virtual reality (VR) has made its way into funeral homes. It can be used to remotely “tour” funeral home facilities. Even if you aren’t having a funeral it’s good to be able to view the facility where the cremation will take place. VR may also be used to enhance online memorials and help guests feel like they are attending in-person. 

High-Tech Retort Engineering

Technology is also improving how cremations are done. As people grow more concerned about the ecological impact of cremations, engineers have responded by creating more efficient, smart systems. New retorts outfitted with sensors and enhanced parts that reduce energy use without impacting the cremation process. There are even electric retorts that don’t rely on fossil fuels at all, and hydrogen crematoriums that are being tested out.

Automation is also coming into play with modern retorts. Automatic settings make it easier to operate the retort and maintain it for maximum efficiency.

In order to advance the industry forward, funeral homes have to embrace new technologies that are designed to improve the experience all around for personnel and the families they help. At our cremation services are simple and streamlined, but we keep up with the latest technological innovations to provide the best in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Give us a call or text to learn more about arranging direct cremation services.