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Why Some Families Choose Post-Cremation Memorials

There are a few key reasons people cite for why they think holding a memorial after the cremation was the right choice for their family. Keep reading to find out why.
Post-Cremation Memorials

The majority of Americans now choose cremation over traditional burial. The latest stats from the National Funeral Directors Association’s 2020 NFDA Cremation & Burial Report show that approximately 56% of people were cremated last year. Only 37.5% choose traditional burial.  

Clearly, the way we remember and honor our loved ones is changing. The change has been coming for some time throughout the country. And as more families choose cremation they are also choosing to delay the memorial until after everything is complete. 

There are a few key reasons people cite for why they think holding a memorial after the cremation was the right choice for their family.

Less Pressure to Do Everything at Once

More and more families are choosing to bypass the viewings altogether whether a loved one is being cremated or buried. For some it’s a matter of preference for others it’s the matter of the cost. There are even environmental reasons why it’s best to forgo a viewing prior to burial or cremation. In the case of cremation there’s also still the option of holding a memorial with loved ones remains at a special time and location of their choosing. 

Many people find that this relieves some of the pressure in the first few days after a loved one passes. There are a few less things to think about when you’re juggling a lot already. 

Less Financial Burden

Less stress isn’t the only reason people are deviating from the traditional funeral process. It also alleviates some of the financial burden. Just the fact that you don’t have to make decisions in a matter of days helps on the financial front.

Instead of paying $1,000 or so for a rental casket that will just be used for a viewing and funeral service, you can put that money towards a beautiful urn that can be on display during a post-cremation memorial and will serve as a final resting place. Or you can use the money to pay for a cremation burial plot at a scenic cemetery. Either way, you’ll be able to put the money towards something lasting rather than a one-time event.

More Time to Process Everything

Having a memorial after the cremation gives the family more time to process everything before hosting an event with dozens of people. It can be stressful and unsettling to have to talk with person after person when you aren’t sure what to say and emotions are running high. Waiting to hold a memorial gives you that space and time to understand your feelings better. 

Another huge benefit is that many people note planning a memorial this way made things feel more meaningful compared to having a rushed viewing and memorial pre-cremation at the funeral home. Families had time to think about a special and personal way to hold the memorial. In the end, the event was a better reflection of the person’s life, not just their death.

Direct Cremate specializes in streamlined cremation services that allow families to handle the necessary steps with less stress and pressure. If you have questions about direct cremation or holding a memorial service after a cremation give our team a call anytime any day of the week.