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DIY Deathcare: More Families Take Control of Funeral Services

Have you ever wondered whether you could handle funeral services yourself? Learn about DIY deathcare and why it’s becoming more common in the U.S.
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Funeral Services

Meta Description: Have you ever wondered whether you could handle funeral services yourself? Learn about DIY deathcare and why it’s becoming more common in the U.S. 

There are several clear trends within the funeral industry right now, and one of them is a growing demand for natural funeral services where the family takes on a larger role in handling the process. For some people, this type of DIY deathcare has never crossed their minds. Others may have considered it but never thought it was a possibility. And then there are people who have never wanted traditional services from a funeral home. 

DIY deathcare is less expensive, yes. But for many families it offers so many more advantages that are invaluable.

More Personal

The process is going to be more personal when family members are taking on the tasks that would normally be done at a funeral home. It’s a comforting thought to know everything is being done with care in a very humane way exactly how your loved one would want it. 

More Control

In general, when the family essentially acts as the funeral director they have more control over the entire process. While taking on the responsibility is a lot of work in a number of ways, it helps to guarantee that you get the personalized funeral services and final disposition that you want. 

More Natural

We’ve become aware of how unnatural and harmful traditional funeral services are for the environment and people. Many burials are far from what they were just 150 years ago before toxic embalming fluid was used. DIY deathcare tends to be more natural overall, especially if the family opts for green burial or cremation.

The Funeral Services Families Are Handling

It’s perfectly understandable if someone isn’t ready to fully step into the funeral director’s shoes. DIY deathcare can involve a lot of different things, and it’s common to get help from a funeral home or third party.

DIY funeral services that families commonly handle on their own include:

  • Transporting the deceased’s body.
  • Cleaning and dressing the body.
  • Preserving the body at home for up to three days.
  • Holding a home viewing.
  • Holding a home funeral or memorial service.
  • Burial at a cemetery or private burial site.  

Coping with a loved one’s death can be a lot to manage on its own. It’s important to ask for help when you need it and deligate tasks within the family so that everyone is involved and no one gets overwhelmed. 

Is DIY Deathcare Legal?

When people first learn about DIY deathcare, also known as home deathcare, one of the first things that cross the minds of a lot of people is whether it’s actually legal. The legality of funeral services are dictated by a few things. There are federal funeral regulations to protect consumers. For the most part, the state determines the legality of funeral services.

In most states, home deathcare is totally legal. A funeral home is needed only in a few instances. One being to obtain death certificates, and the other is performing a cremation. 

Before making any final decisions about funeral services, it’s a good idea to check the state laws. There will be regulations on body transport, burial, cremation, required documentation and more.

Direct Cremate is available for all families no matter how involved they want to be in the cremation process. Give us a call or text any time of day to discuss your cremation options.