Direct Cremate

Can You Cremate Decomposed Remains? 

Can Decomposed Remains Be Cremated?

Can a body that’s already decomposing be cremated? It’s not common, but find out if cremation is possible after decomposition has already started.

Death to Fake Obituary Websites

Say Goodbye to Offensive Fake Obit Sites

Google changed its algorithm to eliminate obit spam sites. Learn how these fake obituary websites operate and why they’re now banned from search.

5 Tips for Scattering Cremains

Tips That Make Scattering Cremains Easier

Do you plan to scatter a loved one’s cremains? Use these five tips to make scattering cremated remains as stress free and easy as possible.

Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

Dying From a Broken Heart: Fact or Fiction?

Can you actually die from a broken heart? The answer may surprise you. Find out more about broken heart syndrome and its symptoms.