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5 Tips for Scattering Cremains

Do you plan to scatter a loved one’s cremains? Use these five tips to make scattering cremated remains as stress free and easy as possible.
Tips That Make Scattering Cremains Easier
Tips That Make Scattering Cremains Easier

After the direct cremation is complete, about a third of families decide to scatter the cremated remains rather than keeping them or burying them. Scattering may seem like the simplest option if you’ve never been responsible for a loved one’s cremains before. However, in actuality scattering cremated remains isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Below are five tips that will help the scattering process go smoothly so it is a simple send off for your loved one. 

Review the Will

If your loved one had a last will and testament, you’ll want to review it to see if they specified a place for scattering their cremains. If they did, this should be the place where you hold the scattering ceremony so long as it isn’t violating the law. 

Check Local Regulations for Scattering Cremains

Many films and television shows have portrayed people scattering cremated remains basically anywhere they like. In real life, that’s not allowed. Even if a loved one specified a spot for scattering their cremains in their will, it may not be possible or you may need to get approval. 

For example, scattering cremains over a lake will likely require a state permit. You’ll also have to send the EPA a notification about the scattering, which is required by the Federal Clean Water Act. 

One place that is a safe bet is out at sea. You can scatter cremains wherever you like as long as you are three miles offshore.

Use a Biodegradable Scattering Tube

The receptacle holding the cremains can make scattering easier or more difficult. Scattering tubes are designed for this express purpose and have several key features that make them preferable to traditional urns:

  • The shape of the tube makes it easy to scatter in an exact spot.
  • Biodegradable scattering tubes can be buried where the cremains are scattered.
  • They are a cost effective receptacle that you don’t have to store afterward. 

Pay Attention to the Wind

It may be a joke that’s played out in the movies and on TV, but you really do have to look out for which direction the wind is blowing. The cremains are very powdery and will catch the slightest breeze. You want to make sure no one is downwind and position yourself to block the wind so that the cremate remains are scattered where you want. 

Give Yourself Time

One of the advantages of cremation is that things can be done on your timeline. You can wait to scatter the cremains when you feel ready. There’s absolutely no rush to get it done. 

Being able to take your time also means it’s possible to hold a scattering ceremony with others who knew the deceased. You may want to hold the ceremony on a meaningful day, like on your loved one’s birthday. Here again, you’ll have the ability to choose a time that works best for you.

At Direct Cremate we’ll prepare the cremated remains, storing them in a receptacle of your choosing. Call us today to learn more about receiving the cremains after cremation.