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Tips for Spring Cleaning Around a Cremation Burial Plot

Did you decide to bury the cremated remains of a loved one? Here are 5 tips for maintaining and improving a cremation burial plot this spring.
Spring Cleaning Around Cremation Burial Plots
Spring Cleaning Around Cremation Burial Plots

Roughly one third of families that cremate a loved one choose to bury the cremated remains. While cremation burial plots and traditional burial plots aren’t quite the same, both do require upkeep. Spring is the perfect time to give a loved one’s burial plot some extra attention so that it is manicured and easy to maintain for months. The tips below can help you when you’re spring cleaning around a cremation burial plot. 

Ask About Maintenance Provided by the Cemetery

If you are paying a monthly or annual cemetery fee, there’s a good chance at least minimal maintenance is included. Or the cost of the cremation burial plot may include general maintenance. However, you still may be responsible for maintaining the actual burial plot and surrounding area.

Before you begin sprucing things up, check with the cemetery to see what they can do for you. 

Create a Plan for Clean Up and Upkeep

Do you want to plant something on top of or around the burial plot? Is that even allowed? Or should you use decorative stones? 

There are a lot of ways to keep a cremation burial plot looking beautiful throughout the spring and summer. It helps to go into it with a plan. Think about not only what you want the gravesite to look like but also how often you’ll be visiting.

Clear Away the Last of the Winter Debris First

Once you’re at the burial plot, the first step is clearing out the last of the winter debris. There could be a lot of leaves, branches and other vegetation that’s built up over the winter. While this does provide nutrients for the soil, it can also choke out other plants. 

Prevent Spring Showers From Making a Mess

The springtime is when we’re most likely to see rain, which is great for new plant growth but can cause a mess at a burial site. The one thing you don’t want is water draining down to the burial plot and puddling. You can possibly add more earth on top of the burial plot to create a mound so the runoff can’t pool there. Also look for low spots around the burial plot where water could collect. 

If there’s an ongoing issue with rainwater runoff or poor drainage you may need to discuss the matter with the cemetery. Alterations may need to be made at other sites in the cemetery to prevent damage from rain and improper drainage.

Choose Plants Carefully

If you plan to put plants on top of or around the cremation burial plot, it’s a good idea to check the area’s plant hardiness zone. This tells you what type of plants grow best there. 

Families that choose to bury cremains in a green cemetery or conservation cemetery may be limited on what they can plant, if they can at all. Often only plants that are native to the area can be added to the gravesite in those scenarios. 

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