Direct Cremate

Is Direct Cremation Performed by Family-Owned Funeral Homes?

Is direct cremation performed by family-owned funeral homes? Find out what type of funeral homes near you are most likely to offer direct cremation.
Family-Owned Funeral Homes and Direct Cremation
Family-Owned Funeral Homes and Direct Cremation

In the funeral industry there are two types of funeral homes. There are the traditional family-owned funeral homes that are local, independent businesses. Then there are corporate-owned funeral homes that are part of a large network of businesses that are managed by the corporation owners. 

The inner workings are very different between the two, but what about the services that are offered? Is a corporate-owned funeral home more likely to offer direct cremation, or is that something a locally-owned funeral home can handle? 

Here’s a quick rundown of what family-owned funeral homes typically offer so you know your options for arranging direct cremation.

Yes, Some Family-Owned Funeral Homes Offer Direct Cremation

One of the benefits of a family-owned local funeral home is that the business has total freedom in what services will be offered. There is no board or stockholders that are going to weigh in on whether direct cremation can be provided. 

But that also means there will be family-owned funeral homes that choose not to offer direct cremation. It could be that they handle burials only, including direct burials. Or the funeral home may specialize in onsite funerals and memorials that are included with cremation. 

Typically, if a funeral home has a retort and is licensed to cremate they are able to provide direct cremation. Whether the funeral home chooses to offer this service is another matter. 

Not All Corporate-Owned Funeral Homes Provide Direct Cremation

While many people think of corporate-owned funeral homes as offering standard services that are more about affordability than anything else, that’s not always the case. What funeral services are offered is largely going to come down to demand and profit margin for a corporate-owned funeral home. This is also the case for a growing number of funeral homes that are owned by private equity-backed firms

These funeral homes can offer great customer service and care, but much of what they offer comes down to the numbers. It’s not even a matter of preference or experience on the part of the funeral directors. That’s where you could run into issues using a corporate-owned funeral home. The employees are going by the protocols set by people in a corporate office. Deviating from those protocols could be difficult or lead to subpar results.

Finding the best direct cremation provider is a balance between convenience, cost and quality. Both family-owned funeral homes and corporate-owned funeral homes are capable of checking all of the boxes or none at all. It’s important to verify everything upfront and request referrals or reviews whenever possible. 

If you’d like specific details about direct cremation from an independent locally-owned funeral home you can give Direct Cremate a call or text. A team member is available any hour of the day to answer your questions.