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Can Cremated Remains Attract Ghosts?

If you keep cremated remains at home, are you more likely to see a ghost? Let’s look into whether or not cremains attract ghosts (if you believe in them).
Will Having Cremated Remains at Home Attract Ghosts?
Will Having Cremated Remains at Home Attract Ghosts?

There’s a lot of lore around cremains, sometimes referred to as ashes, because it is the remains of a person’s bones after being cremated. It’s believed by some that since cremains are a part of a person they could contain the person’s spirit. There’s no way to prove if a person’s spirit can be in their cremains since there’s no way to know for sure if spirits exist. But that hasn’t stopped some people from questioning if cremains could attract ghosts. 

The idea is that the cremains may not contain the spirit of the deceased but it could have the power to act like a beacon for ghosts. Is there any truth to the theory? Let’s delve a little deeper into this mystical mystery. 

What is a Ghost?

First let’s define what a ghost actually is, which is different from a spirit (if you believe in those sorts of things). While the spirit is considered the soul of a person that doesn’t necessarily take on a physical form, a ghost is an apparition of someone who has died. It’s an important distinction according to spiritual experts. Often if a person sees a ghost, it’s not someone the living person knew and is familiar with, unlike people’s accounts of feeling the spirit of a loved one. 

A ghost is essentially a physical representation of the deceased that’s believed to be their disembodied soul that hasn’t crossed over to the afterlife. The person’s ghost is basically roaming around our world, possibly stuck where it can’t move on. 

Are Ghosts Real?

Now that we’ve established what a ghost is, let’s discuss if ghosts are real. Believe it or not, there has been a lot of research trying to answer this question. Mostly because a whopping two thirds of people swear they’ve experienced something paranormal. And 20% of Americans claim they have seen a ghost.

Nearly every culture in the world has stories of ghosts, and the earliest stories date back thousands of years. 

Some supernatural experts believe ghosts are the spirit of individuals who died suddenly or experienced some sort of unresolved trauma. Because of that, their spirit is resisting crossing over to the afterlife, whatever that may be. The ghost is confused or lost so it clings to the energy of the living.

There are countless records of people claiming to have seen a ghost, but is there any scientific evidence? Many scientists have created tools to capture ghosts on film and take measurements to prove they exist. Though some have claimed to have found evidence of the supernatural, it’s very difficult to verify for sure.

Some scientists believe supernatural experiences, including seeing a ghost, are rooted in experiences that lead to beliefs which can manifest in a supernatural experience. In other words, it’s real in the person’s mind, and if you believe in ghosts you are more likely to see one.

Of course, there have been instances where an encounter with a ghost leaves a person with knowledge they shouldn’t have. Such as knowing details about a place they’ve never been or about a person they don’t know. Those instances can’t be explained by scientists, and suggest that ghosts could be real outside of simply believing in them. 

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Are Ghosts Attracted to Cremated Remains?  

Now onto the main question, can cremated remains attract ghosts? Like the question of whether people have spirits, whether or not cremated remains attract ghosts can never be truly proven or disproven. However, based on what supernatural experts believe, most likely the cremains won’t attract ghosts. 

If ghosts are clinging to energy sources, they are much more likely to be attracted to the living. This is especially true given that the spirit of the deceased who was cremated would have likely passed over to the afterlife and therefore their spiritual energy wouldn’t be in the urn. 

But there’s also a theory that ghosts can be attracted to physical objects with emotional meaning. If that’s the case, then there is a possibility that cremains would attract the ghost of someone who knew the cremated.

We’re not sure if ghosts are real and if cremated remains attract them, but we do know that direct cremation makes disposition much easier for the surviving loved ones. If you have questions about cremated remains, what they contain or how they are stored, give us a call or text. We’re available to provide all the information you need at any time.