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Why Traditional Funerals Cost So Much More Than Direct Cremation

Wondering why traditional funeral services are so expensive? This article explains why direct cremation is so much more affordable in comparison.
Why Traditional Funerals Cost So Much More Than Direct Cremation
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Direct cremation has become more common for a few reasons, and cost is one of the biggest factors. It’s much more affordable than a traditional funeral whether you choose burial or cremation, but why is that? 

One of the first things people want to know when they reach out to us is why a traditional funeral costs so much more than direct cremation. Some people are concerned that the cost is reflective of the quality, however, it’s actually a matter of how much is involved with funeral services. 

You’re Paying for Someone to Arrange the Services

Funeral services involve coordinating a number of people and getting many things arranged in a very short amount of time. Trying to do it all on your own while grieving the loss of a loved one is extremely stressful. The funeral home staff steps in to do the majority of the work, and that manpower costs a pretty penny. 

Funeral Homes Have a Lot of Overhead Expenses

A traditional funeral home has a lot of overhead expenses to cover, and that gets factored into the cost of services, including several odd funeral fees. They have to have a lot of resources onsite to provide funerals. From smaller things like printers for funeral programs, prayer cards and memorial cards to space for safely embalming. 

The biggest issue is that funeral home prices are based on all of the expenses regardless of whether a family uses the services. Even if you choose a simple funeral service to lower the cost, in a way you’ll be paying a small amount for what you don’t use. 

You’re Paying for the Venue

If you want to hold a funeral service you need a space where you can have the deceased present. That significantly limits where a funeral can happen.

One of the biggest expenses that the funeral home is accounting for is the use of their physical space for the services. Using the funeral home as the venue for services is a major expense. Funeral homes know the options are limited and the lack of options gets factored into the cost. 

Preparation for Funeral Services

There are additional costs associated with funeral services that are fairly significant. For example, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) estimates that the average cost for embalming is $775. If you plan to have services before a burial or cremation, many funeral homes will require costly embalming. Having a funeral may also require additional time in temperature-controlled storage, which costs more. 

The Difference With Direct Cremation

When you bypass services at the funeral home prior to burial or cremation the cost goes down dramatically. This is why direct cremation is so much more affordable and the cost of direct cremation hasn’t skyrocketed in recent years. With direct cremation you’re only paying for the necessary essentials that are required for disposition. The crematorium doesn’t have the same overhead for all of the extras, and it doesn’t need space for hosting visitors. 

With direct cremation, cost isn’t necessarily reflective of quality. That said, the quality of service is still extremely important. You still have to do the research to choose a reputable crematorium that offers quality service for a reasonable rate. 

If you’d like to know more about the differences between direct cremation and traditional funeral services, give our team a call or text any time.