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Show Support for Disposition Freedom

Live Free Die Free Texas is giving Texans a way to show their support for body disposition freedom. Find out how Texans can get more disposition options.
Show Support for Disposition Freedom
In Texas, you can choose how you want to live. Unfortunately, we don’t have the freedom to choose what happens to our body after we die. Show your support for H.B. 2895 S.B. 105 and give Texans the freedom to choose.

If you’re among the many Texans that have wondered why you don’t have as many disposition options as people in other states, then Live Free Die Free Texas is a great resource. It highlights what factors are at play and how Texans can push for changes in the funeral industry that benefit everyone by making all options available. 

Information Gives You the Freedom to Make Your Own Body Disposition Decisions

Live Free Die Free Texas proves that information is power. There are some really important points that the website explains. The points include:

  • How new forms of disposition like water cremation work.
  • That the majority of the country has adopted alternative forms of disposition.
  • What is preventing the state legislature from updating the definitions of disposition.
  • Why it’s beneficial for everyone if all options are available.
  • How Texans can express their desire for more disposition options.

Many Texans are completely unaware that their body disposition options are being unfairly limited. Countless families have no idea that water cremation exists until they are trying to plan a funeral. Then when they find out they have to go to great lengths to use water cremation because a select number of Texas lawmakers personally don’t prefer it, that’s when people understandably get upset.

What makes some people the most upset is that they had no idea. They feel there are state legislators that are actively suppressing information and unfairly limiting a person’s ability to choose how their body is handled in death. Those state lawmakers want the ability to choose their preferred disposition, but they don’t want others to have the same freedom. 

Fortunately, there are a few state representatives and senators that are on the side of all Texans. They are fighting for change so that all Texans have disposition freedom.

Show Your Support for Giving All Texans Disposition Freedom

Right now there are two bills being addressed by the Texas Legislature that could finally make alternative forms of disposition available in the state. Senate Bill 105 (S.B. 105) and H.B. 2895 would both change how cremation is defined so that water cremation is included. This would open the door for Texas funeral homes to offer the service in the state. 

Live Free Die Free Texas gives state residents an easy way to make their opinion known and their voice heard. Simply signing the Live Free Die Free Texas petition is a way to make sure your local representative knows where you stand – with your fellow Texans that value freedom.

At Direct Cremate we fully support giving all Texans the right to choose from all forms of safe body disposition. If you’d like to know more about your direct cremation options, give us a call or text any hour of the day.