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Seriously Creepy Things People Do With Bodies and Cremains

Would you stage a loved one’s body or use their cremains for a tattoo? Take a look at some of the creepiest things people do with bodies and cremains.
Seriously Creepy Things People Do With Bodies and Cremains
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One of the reasons people prefer cremation over burial is because there are a lot of creative things you can do with the cremains. Most people bury the cremains, put them in a niche or keep them in an urn at home. Others take a very different approach to remembering a loved one that can get downright creepy. And that applies to what’s done with the body prior to a cremation. 

Funeral services are highly personal, and there’s no better example of that than this list of creepy things people do with bodies and cremains. 

Bodies Put on Display

A viewing is optional whether you choose burial or cremation. Regardless of the type of body disposition that’s used, normally the deceased is in a casket during the viewing. Some families skip the cost of renting a casket for the viewing and instead display the body so that it looks as if the deceased is there like normal. 

After the untimely death of 18-year old Renard Matthews his family wanted to remember him as he was in life. So, Charbonnet Labat Glapion Funeral Home worked with the family to set up a display for the viewing where they sat Renard in a chair with a video game remote in his hand. Everything was set up to resemble Renard playing games, which was a favorite pastime. 

Another family in Puerto Rico did something similar. They worked with Marin Funeral Home, a non-traditional funeral home that’s known for a “standing dead” service. The funeral home embalms the deceased and then tethers the body so that it stands or sits upright in a chair. It’s a whole other take on the concept of a viewing. 

Tattoos Inked With Cremains 

If you want to carry a loved one’s cremains with you wherever you go you can have them permanently infused into your body with tattoo ink. It’s something called a commemorative tattoo. A little bit of the cremains are mixed in with the tattoo ink before being applied to the skin. 

If you decide to go this route, make sure to go with a tattoo artist that knows what they’re doing since they’ll be mixing up the ink. Plus, not all tattoo artists are up for the task and choose not to do commemorative tattoos. 

Unconventional Urns

Technically, you don’t have to choose an urn from a funeral home or even use a receptacle that’s made to be an urn. Any sealable container can double as a receptacle for cremains. 

Case-in-point, we’ve had some pretty interesting receptacle requests. One of the most unique was a request that we’ve heard is putting the cremains in two antique peanut butter jars. 

Some people are very literal with their urn selection, which is the case with a ghost urn. It’s exactly like it sounds – an urn that’s designed to look like a ghost.

What’s creepier than a ghost? How about a severed head. 

Cremation Solutions can use an image of the deceased to do a 3D printing of a replica head. The head is affixed to a base and the cremains are kept inside. It’s a much more disturbing version of urns with a photo frame on the front. 

Cremains That Help You Keep Time

Given that cremains have a sand-like texture, it’s not surprising that hourglass cremation urns exist. The cremains will be on full display, meaning that they can be seen in the glass container. The only problem is the timing of these hourglasses are slightly off since cremains aren’t 100% consistent in the size and shape of the granules. 

Drinking the Cremains at Teatime

There is a Buddahist tradition that involves soaking a small amount of cremains in water that is used to create a ceremonial tea. After praying the family members then drink the tea with the cremains still steeping. If that’s not bad enough, it’s been reported that the tea tastes like cigarette ashes are the secret ingredient. 

At Direct Cremate we don’t pass judgment on funeral service preferences. We work with the family to provide cremation services that are efficient, affordable and respectful. Give us a call if you want to arrange direct cremation that will meet your expectations.