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Morgue, Mortuary, Crematorium: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between a morgue, mortuary and crematorium? Find out how they compare and what makes them different.
Morgue, Mortuary, Crematorium: What’s the Difference
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There’s a lot of terminology in the funeral industry, some of which can get pretty confusing. Some terms sound completely foreign while other terms sound almost exactly the same. Just defining what a funeral home is can be challenging given that two businesses could both be funeral homes but provide different services. 

Three terms that get confused a lot are morgue, mortuary and crematorium. And as you’ll find out in this quick read, there are reasons for the confusion. 

Morgues: Where Bodies Are Stored

Most adults have seen a depiction of a morgue in a movie or television show, but it’s not the most accurate portrayal. A morgue serves a very specific and practical purpose – it’s where bodies of the recently deceased are stored. Bodies remain in a morgue temporarily until the body is identified, an autopsy is performed and/or the body is transported for disposition.

One thing that movies and TV do get right is the storage compartments. All morgues have the refrigerated drawer-like compartments where bodies are stored. 

Most of the time a morgue is within or adjacent to a hospital or medical center. Morgues can also be located at retirement homes and hospice care facilities. 

Mortuaries: Where Bodies Are Prepared for Disposition

There’s a reason why many people think morgues and mortuaries are interchangeable. Some mortuaries have a morgue. However, a morgue is never going to have a mortuary.

Mortuaries are multi-purpose facilities that typically provide some combination of body storage, embalming and direct cremation. They aren’t quite what you’d call a funeral home, but it’s more than a place for temporary storage. The true focus of a mortuary is to prepare the body for burial or cremation and care for the body temporarily until it’s time for transport to a funeral home. 

The term mortuary is actually more common in the U.K. though it is used in the U.S. That’s another reason there’s some confusion surrounding what a mortuary does and how it’s different from a morgue or funeral home. 

Crematoriums: Where Bodies Are Cremated

Crematoriums are better understood, but there’s still some terminology overlap that can cause confusion. A crematorium qualifies as a full-service funeral home. Some crematoriums specialize in direct cremation, but others offer viewing and memorial services just like you would have with a burial. A crematorium also provides more assistance walking the family through the cremation process.

Families have a wider selection of services to choose from at a crematorium compared to a mortuary. As a funeral home, crematoriums can offer specialty services and personalize services upon request. Mortuaries are more practical than personal. 

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