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How to Memorialize a Loved One on Instagram

Did your loved one have an Instagram account? Here are a few ways you can memorialize the account to preserve it like a digital photo album.
How to Memorialize a Loved One on Instagram
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When a loved one passes away we look for ways to memorialize them and remember their life. The traditional way of doing this is with a funeral and/or a memorial service. The modern way of memorializing a person is done online. 

Social media accounts can now serve as đź’» online memorials that give friends and family a place to share memories and remember their loved one. Instagram, like Facebook, understands their platform can serve as a virtual memorial site, which is why they allow accounts to be memorialized. Keep reading to find out what memorialized accounts are and how to use Instagram as a way to remember a loved one. 

Memorializing an Existing Instagram Account

Instagram allows existing accounts to be memorialized. This meanes that the Instagram account can be viewed, but it’s locked and inaccessible. Nothing can be added, removed or changed at that point. You can tell an Instagram account has been memorialized because the word “Remembering” will be displayed by the person’s name.

There are also features in place to give the memorialized account some privacy. Only those who had permission to see the original posts will be able to view the memorialized account. It also won’t so up in Explore searches.

If you would like to memorialize an existing Instagram account you’ll need to send in a memorialization request and provide some form of proof, such as a death certificate or obituary.  

The other option is an immediate family member submitting a request to have the Instagram account removed. But if the account is deleted everything goes with it – all the pictures đź“·, videos đź“ą, highlights and comments. Understandably most friends and family appreciate having what’s essentially an online photo album by memorializing the account instead.

Create an Instagram Memorial Account

If you aren’t able to get Instagram to memorialize the account there’s another option. You can create an entirely new Instagram account to serve as a memorial page. It won’t be locked like a memorialized account and someone will need to manage it. 

The Instagram account could exclusively feature pictures that the deceased shared or pictures that others have of the deceased. In addition to collecting photos and making posts, someone will also need to decide who is able to view the account. If the deceased had a private Instagram account it’s best to use the same settings for a memorial account. 

Before creating a memorial account on Instagram have a discussion with the immediate family members to avoid any disagreements or debate over the account.

Considerations Before Memorializing an Instagram Account

Social media accounts are one more thing that family members have to manage after the death of a loved one. Deciding what to do with those accounts may require a conversation between the person’s widow, children and other next of kin. Or your loved one may have specified what to do with social media accounts as a part of a last will and testament

Memorializing a family member’s Instagram account is a way to celebrate their life and preserve their memory in a very personal way. It can be a special remembrance for younger generations and future relatives that never got a chance to know your loved one. The account also serves as a backup for videos and photos that can get lost or destroyed. 

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