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How a Body is Prepared for Cremation

Before a cremation can be performed the body must be prepared. Learn what steps have to be taken to prepare the body from the time of death to the cremation.
How a Body is Prepared for Cremation

Body disposition isn’t something that people like to think about, but everyone wants to know that their loved one’s body will be handled with care. It’s a concern because how bodies are prepared for burial and cremation is somewhat shrouded in mystery. 

Even if it’s a direct cremation without any funeral services, the body still needs to be prepared before the cremation can take place. In an effort to provide more transparency, here are the steps that are taken to prepare the body from the time of death to the time of cremation. 

Using an Identification Tag

After verifying that cremation authorization and approvals are in place, the first thing that will need to happen before the crematorium can proceed is identification of the body. Once identification is verified, the cremation caretakers will use some sort of tag to act as an identifier for the body. Typically it is a metal tag that will stay with the body all the way through the cremation to ensure the family gets the proper cremains.

Medical Device Removal

If your loved one still has jewelry on, items will first be removed. The crematorium will secure any items that the family wants to keep. If your loved one is wearing clothing when they arrive at the crematorium, then it should remain on for the cremation. 

Another important step that must be taken before cremation is removing medical devices, such as pacemakers. Prosthetics and any other devices that contain batteries or potentially hazardous material will be removed. Incinerating such medical devices can be a safety hazard that could lead to an explosion. Incinerating certain materials can also create toxic air pollution, which is why it’s best to remove these items beforehand. However, some items like metal pins and plates can be left in place. 

Placement in Refrigerated Storage

Unless the cremation is happening immediately afterward, the body will be placed in a refrigerated storage compartment. The body should remain there until it’s time to cremate. 

Placement in a Cremation Casket

When it is time for the cremation the body with the metal identification tag will be moved from refrigerated storage to a container or cremation casket. The container is sturdy yet combustible so that it completely incinerates. The body will then be moved to the cremation chamber and finally placed in the retort where the cremation will take place

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