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Does Embalming Fluid Have to be Used With Cremation?

Does embalming fluid have to be used if you plan to have a cremation? Find out if embalming fluid is involved, embalming alternatives and more.
Is Embalming Fluid Necessary for Cremation?
Is Embalming Fluid Necessary for Cremation?

A lot of factors play a role in the type of disposition a person selects for themselves or a loved one. More and more people are factoring in environmental concerns when they make the decision. One of the biggest concerns is embalming fluid. 

We now know that using embalming fluid comes at a high cost in terms of personal finances and the impact on the environment. It’s a highly toxic substance that can leach into the soil and possibly the groundwater. It’s a serious concern given that cancer-causing formaldehyde is a primary ingredient of embalming fluid. 

Embalming fluid is typically used with traditional burial, but does it have to be used with cremation? Let’s find out!

Why Embalming Fluid Isn’t Necessary for Cremation

There are a number of key differences between burial and cremation. The use of embalming fluid is one of them. Modern embalming with fluid wasn’t developed until the late 1800s. Arterial embalming, when blood is replaced with embalming fluid, was used in order to preserve, transport and restore a body for display. Considering that transportation was much longer and electricity wasn’t available at that time, it makes sense that embalming fluid would be considered beneficial. 

But death care has come a long way in the last 150 years. With modern-day technology is embalming fluid needed for cremation? The short answer is no, embalming fluid is not a necessity for cremation and typically isn’t used for direct cremation. Here’s why.

There’s No Viewing With Direct Cremation

If you choose to have a direct cremation then embalming fluid is totally unnecessary since there isn’t a viewing or funeral service beforehand. Preservation and creating a lifelike appearance simply isn’t needed and embalming would be a complete waste of money. 

Cremation is Quicker So Preservation Is Less of a Concern

Another reason preservation isn’t as big of a concern with cremation is the timeline. A direct cremation can be arranged and completed in a matter of days. In that time body decomposition occurs but can be stalled off enough without using embalming fluid. 

There Are Other Preservation Methods

If the body does need to be preserved prior to the cremation, embalming fluid still isn’t necessary. There are other ways to preserve a body that don’t involve toxic substances. Most crematoriums can keep a body in refrigerated storage. Dry ice is another option that’s safe, inexpensive and effective. 

If you do want to preserve the body for an extended period before a cremation you still don’t have to use toxic embalming fluid. There are natural plant-based embalming fluids that are now available. 

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