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Cremation Rates: The Effect of Rising Costs

The next part of our series on what’s increasing cremation rates covers related costs. Find out how big a factor cost is when people choose cremation.
Cremation Rates: The Effect of Rising Costs
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We’ve discussed the impact migration is having on cremation, and now we’re continuing our series on factors that are effecting cremation rates in the U.S. by looking at the influence of rising funerals costs. For many families, end of life expenses are an inescapable factor. Everyone wants to honor their loved one with memorable last rites, but cost can limit the options. Then there are individuals that don’t want a large sum of money spent on their funeral and see it as nothing but a financial burden for family members once they’re gone.

Whatever the situation is, there’s no denying that rising costs are effecting cremation rates.

Cost 💲- The Top Reason for Choosing Cremation

A 2016 survey from funeralOne focused on the reasons people choose cremation over traditional burials. The most common reason for choosing cremation was the lower cost. Over 40% of people who were surveyed cited cost as the biggest determining factor. A 2020 Choice Mutual survey found only 13% of respondents cited financial reasons, which is largely unchanged from the 14% that said the same in 2019. It’s not the majority, but that’s still a higher percentage than those who said religious beliefs affected their preference for cremation. 

The Average Cost of Traditional Burials 🪦 and Cremation ⚱

Every year the National Funeral Directors Association releases statistics on burials and cremation in the country. The 2021 report found that the average cost of a burial with a funeral and viewing was $7,848. That’s more than $200 higher than the average cost in 2019. 

But that isn’t where burial costs end. There’s also a burial plot that must be purchased, as well as a grave marker. Headstones are one of the biggest expenses. They typically start at $1,000, but can end up being double or triple that. And if you or your loved one wanted a vault that is an additional $1,572 on average. 

The cost of cremation is also on the rise, but it’s still notably less compared to burial when all the costs are factored in. The average cost for cremation with a funeral and viewing in 2021 was $6,971 💵.

One Big Cause for Rising Burial Costs

There are a number of things that are causing the cost of traditional burials to go up, from materials for caskets costing more to higher basic service fees. One expense that has dramatically increased in recent years is the cost of burial plots. 

The average cost of a burial plot is around $1,000, however the cost varies significantly from one city to the next. For example, in New York City the cost for a burial plot ranges from $4,500 to $19,000. And that was in 2019. But in Pensacola, FL the average price of a burial plot is $1,733. 

The plot is where burial can get very expensive depending on where you live. As noted above, if you have a funeral, a cremation is about $1,000 less than a burial before additional costs like the burial plot are factored in. With the plot and headstone included burial is easily $2,000-$3,000 more, but it could be much higher.

If you’re interested in affordable direction cremation services we’re available by text or phone seven days a week. We can answer your questions about the direct cremation process, including the costs.