Direct Cremate

Can You Attend a Direct Cremation?

With direct cremation there aren’t traditional funeral services, but the family may want to be involved. Find out if you can attend a direct cremation.
Can You Attend a Direct Cremation?

Many people are gravitating towards direct cremation these days because of its simplicity. In a time when traditional funeral services are getting more involved, complex and expensive some people are opting for the exact opposite. 

While the deceased individual or their family may decide they don’t want all the formalities of a conventional funeral, they may still want to be involved in the process. Something that many families are interested in knowing is whether or not it’s possible to attend a direct cremation. 

One of the key differences between traditional cremation and direct cremation is the funeral services. Some families choose direct cremation because they can’t be there in person to manage a funeral. It’s simply a matter of logistics that can’t be worked around. But for those family members that are nearby, it’s important to know in advance if it’s possible to be present for the direct cremation. 

What State Laws Say About Attending a Direct Cremation 

Anytime funeral services are involved there are going to be state and local regulations that have to be followed. The laws will vary from one place to the next, but typically there aren’t specific regulations regarding who can attend a direct cremation. You’ll have to check the local and state laws for your area to verify if there are any regulations. 

What Crematoriums Say About Attending a Direct Cremation

At the end of the day, whether a family is present for a direct cremation is up to the crematorium. The vast majority of crematoriums aren’t equipped to have people attend a direct cremation. There are certain safety protocols that have to be followed and always come first. 

Crematoriums that do allow “attended direct cremation” will only allow a limited number of mourners to participate. Usually only a few immediate next of kin are allowed to attend. 

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Alternatives to Attending a Direct Cremation

Families that are unable to attend the direct cremation can still honor their loved one in a meaningful way before or after the cremation. Some crematoriums may allow the family to take part in the initial parts of the cremation, but this is the exception not the rule.

There may be an opportunity for the family to view the deceased and spend a few moments together before the cremation takes place. This may be possible at the hospital or mortuary prior to transporting the body to the crematorium. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to hold a scattering ceremony, a memorial or a celebration of life event after direct cremation. This is one of the benefits of choosing direct cremation rather than traditional funeral services. The family has ample time to hold a memorial on their own timeline and terms. 

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