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Acclaimed TV Shows That Are All About Death

There are countless television shows that address death in an episode or two, but the shows below built the entire storyline around death.
Acclaimed TV Shows That Are All About Death
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Death may be a somewhat taboo topic of discussion, but it seems to be a subject that’s prime for television. Many highly acclaimed shows have centered around death in one way or the other. Sometimes it’s connected to the main character’s profession, and other times death is the catalyst for the throughline of the show that drives the main character. 

6 Feet Under

From 2001 to 2005 6 Feet Under was one of the biggest television shows on HBO. Believe it or not it’s actually a dark comedy about a family who owns a funeral home in Los Angeles. But that’s not the only element of death. The show begins with the death of the family’s patriarch and his son Nate reluctantly stepping in to run the family funeral business. 

The Good Place

The Good Place is another comedy, but this one takes place in the afterlife. Heaven (the good place) to be exact. The main character, Eleanor Shellstrop, actually ended up in the good place by mistake and has to hide the fact from others. But Eleanor also uses it as an opportunity to change her ways and become a better person after death.

Dr. Death

This drama is frightening because it’s actually based on a true story. Joshua Jackson plays Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a talented neurosurgeon that suddenly starts losing patients on the operating table. After several deaths a few other doctors get suspicious and enlist the help of a prosecutor to solve what’s going on and bring “Dr. Death” to justice. 


This modern day, yet futuristic dramedy explores the possibility of living on after death through technology. When the young protagonist Nathan dies suddenly in a self-driving car crash his consciousness is uploaded into a virtual afterlife called Lakeview. Drama unfolds as Nathan starts to realize his untimely death may not have been an accident. The show explores an idea that some people are actually trying to make a reality in real life.

Surviving Death

Surviving Death is a docuseries that explores the possibility of an afterlife. The show features interviews with people who have had near death experiences or actually been pronounced dead. Research on death, reincarnation and the paranormal is used to try to answer the question, what happens after we die?


The job of a coroner is center stage in the show by the same name that’s based on a best-selling book series. In the show, Dr. Jenny Cooper’s husband has recently died and she has thrown herself fully into her work as a coroner in Toronto. With the help of a team she investigates suspicious deaths around the city, making connections with people along the way.


This documentary series looks at the death of well-known figures through the lens of forensic pathologists. They look at the circumstances surrounding a celebrity’s death, laying out what happened and then giving their professional opinions about the possible cause of death. There are also interviews with friends, colleagues and family members in an effort to bring facts to light and dispel rumors. Believe it or not, this TV series has been airing for 11 seasons.  

The list above is just a small sampling of fictional and non-fictional television shows that are all about death. It’s a sign that public sentiment about death is changing. People are much more open to discussing death and exploring ideas about an afterlife.

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