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5 Resources for Learning About Cremation

Want to know more about the cremation process, rates, statistics and options? These reliable cremation resources can tell you everything you need to know.
5 Resources for Learning About Cremation
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Funeral services are something that nearly everyone has to arrange at one point or another in life, whether it’s for themselves or a loved one. Unfortunately, arrangements are usually made soon after a death has occurred, leaving the next of kin to figure things out as they go when emotions are running high and time may be of the essence. ⏳

Regardless of when the research occurs, the resources below are excellent sources of information about cremation. They can provide answers on cremation rates, eco-friendly options and more. 

Direct Cremate Blog

Our very own blog is an excellent resource for anyone who’s considering cremation. From comprehensive overviews on transportation options when a person dies out-of-state to explanations on how migration affects cremation rates, you’ll learn a lot about the funeral services that are available today. 

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)

If you want to compare burial to cremation the National Funeral Directors Association has a wealth of information, which isn’t surprising given it’s the largest funeral association. The NFDA primarily serves professionals in the funeral industry, but the blog and Statistics section of their resources can be used by consumers. The NFDA Cremations & Burial Report is released every year. It contains NFDA annual stats for cremation and traditional burial, including the related costs. There are also resources specifically for Veterans.

The Order of the Good Death

💀The Order of the Good Death is an organization that is focused on helping people make end of life decisions that reflect their true wishes in a socially responsible way. One of The Order’s top priorities is encouraging people to openly discuss funeral services so that as a society we approach death in a healthy, sustainable way that is equitable for all. 

Cremation Association of North America (CANA)

The Cremation Association of North America is one of the best resources across the globe when it comes to cremation information. The cremation data that CANA collects includes the U.S. and Canada. Like NFDA, CANA is primarily used by funeral industry professionals. But they too have an informative blog, tools for consumers and annual reports that examine the state of cremation across North America. 

The Cremation Institute

If you strictly want straightforward cremation information from experts The Cremation Institute is the resource for you. It’s particularly insightful in terms of how much cremation costs compared to other services. There’s also information on what can be done with cremains to memorialize a loved one with a special urn ⚱️ or object.

Need help making direct cremation arrangements? Our team is here to help you through the process by providing reliable information and no-nonsense cremation services that are stress-free and affordable.